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I'd LOVE to chat with you girls out there! I love chatting with thee transgender and crossdressing people!!:) please e-mail me!!

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Coming out? Caught??

Tell me in the comments your "coming out" story! Or how you were caught!:):):) I'd love to hear them girls!! I'll also take pics or if you just wanna chat, e-mail me at!!

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Heyy:) I need ideas!! What do you want to know?? My e-mail is!! Please feel free to e-mail me!!:) or leave a comment telling me what you want!! I also want tou leaving comments and e-mails on how your dares went?? I wanna know!!:) thank you!!

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Get ready "GIRLS" this ones TOUGH!! :)

First of all you must get a friend who is a girl willing to help you out.

First pick out how many days this dare will last.
1- 1 Day
2- 2 Days
3- 3 Days
4- 4 Days
5- 5 Days
6- 6 Days

Note: If you pick more then one day then for each day you must re roll everything to determine what you must do for that day.

Now you must pick out what your underwear will be.

1- g string
2- Bra
3- 1 and 2
4- 3 plus stuffed Bra
5- normal underwear of your choice
6- Roll Again

Now that your underwear is picked out you must pick what you will wear for your bottom.

1- 8 Inch or less mini skirt
2- 4 inch or less mini skirt
3- extremely short shorts (shortest you can possibly find)
4- tightest female jeans you can find
5- Your Choice
6- Re Roll

Now for the top.

1- Wear a top that exposes some of your stomach
2- tank top
3- tube top
4- pink tank top
5- Your Choice
6- Re Roll

Now that everything is picked out you must pick your destination.

1- Mall
2- Beach
3- Your Girlfriends house if you have one or your best friends house
4- A packed restaurant
5- Theme park
6- Roll Again

Also some things you must wear.
girly socks
earings (don't have to be real)
girly perfume
You must have your friend (girl) give you a complete make over with all the make up you can get. to make you look completely like a girl

Now for the final thing you will determine the length per day of the dare.

1- 1 hours
2- 2 hours
3- 3 hours
4- 4 hours
5- 5 hours
6- all day (including to sleep)

Note if you chose that you have to go to the beach when you go down to the beach you must wear a bikini and at all other times you must wear whatever you chose.
If you picked mall you must go into the stores and try on different garments such as bikinis, short shorts, bootie shorts, mini skirts, etc.

Also lastly you must take 1 picture a day and post it on your myspace or facebook. if you dont have one make one.

Please tell me what you want on the site!!

Please comment and give me ideas on what else you want me to post!! I'll have more pics up soon!!

Dice Dare:)

HI!! Your next DARE!!:)

1 bra
2 bra and girly shirt
3 bra and dress
4 bra and tank top
5 no bra and tank top
6 no bra and dress

1 panties
2 panties and long skirt
3 panties stockings and skirt
4 panties stockings and short skirt
5 panties and tight pants
6 no panties and short skirt

1 sandals
2 flats
3 low heels
4 high heels
5 thigh high
6 bare feet

1 wig
2 wig and lip stick(deep red)
3 lip stick and foundation
4 wig foundation and mascara
5 wig foundation mascara lip stick blush eye liner and jewelry
6 roll again

dares (continue rolling until you get a 6. all dares you've done already become re rolls instead.)
1 re roll your clothes and stay like that for 30 min before moving on to the dare roll.
2 dance to a spice girls cd for 20 min
3 stay dressed like this for as 3 hours, you may not stay in the same room for more than 10 min.(if you run out of rooms then you must go outside)
4 stay dressed like this and invite a female friend to have lunch/dinner at your place
5 go to the mall and pick out a new outfit(must be female clothes you don't have to buy it, just try it on)

New Dice Dare!!

Here you go!!:)

This is a fun dice dare to do when you're home alone and have some time to kill.

If you have to wear a bra, you need to stuff the bra. No bra, no stuffing required.


1. Just a bra
2. A bra with a girly shirt over it
3. A bra with a regular shirt over it
4. A bra with a low-cut revealing girly shirt
5. No bra with a girly shirt
6. No bra with a guy shirt


1. Just panties/thong
2. Panties and tight short-shorts
3. Panties and a long skirt
4. Panties and a short skirt
5. No panties and a short skirt
6. Boxers and guy pants


1. A wig
2. A wig with lipstick/lip gloss
3. Lipstick/lip gloss and blush
4. Lipstick/lip gloss, blush, and a wig
5. Nothing
6. Lipstick/lip gloss, blush, a wig, and jewelry


1. Girly flip-flops or some other flat, girly shoes.
2. Low-heels
3. Bare feet
4. High-heels
5. Obviously male shoes
6. Ridiculously high-heels


1. Act like a maid and clean all rooms AND WINDOWS in the house.
2. Call someone up and have a conversation!!
3. Sit outside or go for a walk for ONE HOUR
4. Go to a window and lean up against it and wait for 3 cars/people to pass
5. Stay dressed the way you are for as long as possible. You may also not act like a guy at all. When you walk, sway yours hips and place your feet one in front of the other. Talk in a higher pitch, and try to sound more girly. Visit girly websites, watch girly TV shows, read girly magazines. No manly activities.
6. Roll again.

BIG Dice Dare!!

HELLO!! Here is the newest Dice Dare for you:)


What to Wear:

1 bra and panties only
2 bra, panties, and a skirt
3 bra, panties, skirt, and girly tank top
4 bra, panties, skirt, girly tank top, high heels, and stuff your bra
5 bra, panties, skirt, girly tank top, high heels, stuff bra, and girly earrings (clip ons or real)
6 any girl clothes of your choosing


1 if it's short, a wig;long, braids
2 nothing
3 a wig
4 pigtails (long or short)
5 nothing for short;many small pigtails for long
6 nothing for long;headband for short


1 foundation and lipstick/lip gloss/both
2 foundation, lipstick/lip gloss, eyeliner, mascara,eyeshadow
3 foundation, lipstick/lip gloss, eyeliner, mascara, eyeshadow, blush
4 foundation, lipstick AND lip gloss, eyeliner, mascara, eyeshadow, blush
5 foundation, lipstick AND lip gloss, eyeliner, mascara, eyeshadow, blush, bronzer
6 everything in #5 plus anything else the girl wants to add


1 Get your fingernails painted (must be red, pink, french, or a combo of the three)
2 Get your toenails painted (must be red, pink, french, or a combo of the three)
3 Get glue on fingernails and have them applied.
4 Get glue on fingernails and have them applied and get your toenails painted red or pink.
5 Get your fingernails and toenails painted red or pink.
6 Get 3 coats of fingernail and toenail polish (red or pink)

Shaving (only if you want to risk it;optional part):
If you don't wish to do this, scroll down to the next part.

1 You're safe.
2 Get arms shaved.
3 Get legs shaved.
4 Get arms and legs shaved.
5 Get legs waxed.
6 Get arms shaved and legs waxed.

Place to go once you've been "completed":

1 nowhere;your house (stay done up for 1 hour)
2 friend's house (stay done up for 3 hours)
3 shopping at the mall (stay done up for 2 hours)
4 to the movies (stay done up for the length of the film)
5 to a fancy restaurant (stay done up for the length of the meal)
6 friend's house (stay done up for 24 hours)

PUBLUC Dice Dare!!

Hello!! Hailey again:) This is a dice dare where you have to GO PUBLIC!!

Alright, for you risky people here is a new dice dare

What to wear

1. Regular male clothes (including underwear)
2. Regular male clothes but with panties (you may wear a belt) MAKE SURE THEY ARE A GIRLY COLOR
3. Regular male clothes but with panties NO BELT, if they are showing too bad. ONCE AGAIN THEY MUST BE A GIRLY COLOR THAT IS RECOGNIZABLE.
4. 3 plus a bra
5. 4 plus girly socks (at least to the knees if not higher) You may wear jeans.
6. Roll again

Wear to go

1. Kohls/JcPenny's, ect.
2. Target/Walmart, ect.
3. Victoria Secret, ect.
4. American Eagle, ect.
5. A girly department store NOT Victoria Secret
6. Wildcard, you choose.

What to do

1. Bend over and make sure someone see's your underwear. Make sure each of the following see. Teenage Girl, Teenage Guy, Adult Women, Adult Guy. If you are not wearing them. Then see below
2. Ask a sales person what would look good on you (must be in ladys section). If they ask if you want to try something on, you must
3. Go and try clothing on. Whatever you feel like.
4. Act like a GIRL!! Stay in this store for at least an hour acting like a girl trying on WOMENS CLOTHING and you cannot do anything like a boy or you add ONE MORE HOUR!!
5. Scream out as loud as you can "I'M WEARING PANTIES/THONG" if you are. If you rolled a 1 on the first roll and you are not wearing roll again
6. Roll again

1 alternitive

1-3- Buy a pair of panties and wear them. You must go to a female cashier.
4-6- Go try a pair on in a changing room. Fall out on accident.

If you have any comments or suggestions let me know.

                                                         <3~~Hailey Anne~~<3

Dice Dares!! Home Alone Dice Dare

I have a new idea:) They're called DICE DARES!! I'll be posting these regularly and you can do them to expand your experience as YOU!!

Ok so get a die and roll it to see what number you get and that determines what to where, when to do it, and so on..

What to wear
1. Just panties/thong and a bra
2. 1 plus stocking/long socks (girly socks)
3. 2 plus a skirt/short shorts/tight girly jeans
4. 3 plus a tight shirt (perferablly really girly and small)
5. 4 plus makeup and a wig

What to do

1. Go walk around your house three times
2. Go check your mailbox then stay like this for at least two and a half hours
3. Lock yourself out of your house (OR) Sit outside for at least an hour (IN PLAIN SIGHT!! Like on your porch/front lawn)
4. go by a window and lean up aganist it wait until 3 cars/people pass
6. Roll again

When to do the dare 

1. Right now
2. Tomorrow
3. 1 week from today
4. Roll again
5. 1 hour
6. As soon as possible

What is Crossdressing??

A crossdresser is a person who likes to wear the clothes of the "opposite" sex.
What's the difference between sexual orientation and gender identity?
These traits are often confused with each other. Sexual orientation, or preference, is which sex turns you on (ex: straight, bi, gay, lesbian, fluid, etc.) Gender identity is how much maleness, femaleness, or otherness you feel you have in you.
Currently I am a hetero male who enjoys wearing women's clothes. I believe that both men and women should be able to wear whatever they want to wear. I like to be more graceful, sensitive and beautiful than society wants me to be, and find an outlet to that in wearing women's clothes.
Isn't being a crossdresser the same as being a transvestite?
Pretty much, yeah I think so. But I certainly prefer the term "crossdresser," and I think most crossdressers do too. It's a wonderful euphemism. I don't consider myself a transvestite but do consider myself a crossdresser, even though they mean the same thing. There's just so much negative associations that are attributed to the word transvestite. For one thing, transvestite is almost a bad word in our language...Look at how the media portrays it, like the Rocky Horror Picture Show. For another, Transvestite is such an awful word...I don't want to be associated with most words that end in "ite..." Parasite, termite, etc. for example.
While you're explaining all of this, you might as well go over some of the other transgender terms to create less confusion.
Good idea.
Transgender- The term "transgender" is usually an umbrella term that refers to crossdressers and transvestites, transsexuals, drag queens and kings, intersexuals, gender dysphorics, feminine males, masculine females, those who don't wish to be labeled, and anyone who challenges traditional gender and sex definitions. The word has several definitions, some of which include the transsexual community and some of which do not. I use it in the most inclusive way possible, but respect other people's right to define themselves.
Transsexual- A transsexual is someone who feels that their gender identity is opposite of their biological sex, and plans on or has already taken steps to alter their body to suit their identity. This can include hormones, sexual reassignment surgery (SRS), breast reductions or implants, and cosmetic surgery. "Post-op" and "Pre-op" refer to their sexual reassignment surgery status.
Intersexual- An intersexual is someone who is born with some combination of male and female genitals. While many consider this to be a medical abnormality, the trans movement explains it as just another example of how our culture's sexual dichotomy (the rigid male-female binary system) fails. Intersexuals are generally "fixed" at birth; that is, doctors assign them a sex and mutilate the conflicting genitals, another sign of medical ignorance. "Hermaphrodite" is the dated synonym not used anymore for intersexuals, probably for the same reason crossdressers don't like "transvestite" (it's that whole rhyme scheme...).
Gender- Social categories, statuses, and roles that society normally attributes to sex. I'd attribute ways of being, appearance, dress, behaviors, ways of relating to people, values, tastes, gestures, body language, opinions, and emotions as all part of your gender.
Sex- The physical makeup of your genitalia, which could be male, female, intersex, or neuter. "male" and "female" are words usually attributed with sex, while "masculine," "boy," and "man" and "feminine," "girl," and "woman" are usually associated with gender.
FTM, MTF- Stands for "female to male" and "male to female."
Are there female crossdressers and transsexuals?
Yes. The ratio of female and male crossdressers and transsexuals is about equal, however, FTM genital surgery isn't nearly as advanced as MTF surgery, and the amount of literature and publicity for FTMs is a lot less than of MTFs.
How the heck to you spell crossdress, anyway?
I don't know! Spell checks tell me it's spelled cross-dress, but hardly anyone on the internet spells it that way. The common spelling on the internet seems to lack the dash: just crossdress.

                                                       <3~~Hailey Anne~~<3


Heyy!! Hailey here AGAIN!! Lol:P So I have an idea!! I have some DARES FOR YOU!! This can help you have more fun as WHO YOU ARE!! I had a lot of fun doing these:) So here you are!!


You think you might be a crossdresser, but are too scared to try it out? Or are you so secure about your "manliness" that you can prove it by wearing a dress? Maybe you just want to try something new! Whatever the case, these dares are meant for the beginning crossdresser!
  • In private, try on a dress, a skirt, or whatever you want.
  • Try on some makeup (be careful, one of the easiest ways to get caught is to forget to take it off!)
  • Paint your nails AND toenail(Girly colors!! It feels good!)

More Advanced, but Still Private

These are fun things to try if you're a private crossdresser but don't want to be out yet.
  • Spend a day at school or work in your regular clothes, with women's clothes under them! (I've done this many times and have never been caught. I've even worn full-length dresses under a t-shirt and jeans without them being too bulky...Just make sure your shirt doesn't slide up when you're stretching or lying down!) Be sure to check your front and back in a mirror before going out!
  • Shave your legs, chest, or whatever (but plan ahead...You won't want to be wearing shorts or swimming trunks for the next month or so!)
  • Buy your own feminine clothes. No, I don't mean over the internet or from a catalogue...I mean in person. You don't have to try things on, just say you're shopping for your girlfriend. It's fun!!

Getting More Hardcore

These are more risky dares for the non-out crossdresser.
  • Go out for a drive in drag. If you don't want to get caught by my neighbors, cover whatever you're wearing with regular clothes and then take them off in the car. Don't worry about seeing someone you know...You get to be seen by lots of people in drag, and you're safe in your car.
  • Go out for a walk in drag. Well, this is scarier because you don't have the safety of being in your own car... If you're having trouble working up courage, here's an idea: Hide an extra set of car keys somewhere. Then, go home and get in drag, and then drive to about a mile away from your keys. Lock yourself out of your car, and then go get your keys.
  • Convince someone to dress you up in drag. You'd be surprised at how easily this can be done without the other person knowing you want to do it. Poker games or bets you purposely lose are an easy way. Hinting and joking also work.
  • Crossdress for Halloween. There's no better time or excuse to dress in drag than Halloween. It only happens once a year, so make it a fun one!
  • Crossdress at home with the windows open. This is a good step towards knowing what it would feel like to crossdress in public, but within the safety of your own home. If you crossdress enough, pretty soon you'll get lazy enough and forget to close all your blinds.
  • Wear lots of Jewelry. Get your ears pierced. Lots of guys wear jewelry, but if you don't already it'll feel nice to start. Start going with the more feminine earrings, necklaces, bracelets, etc.

The Last Steps

So you finally accept yourself as a crossdresser, and want others to know too. Here's the final steps you can take.
  • Come out to your friends and/or family!!
  • Join a crossdressing club. Yep, there's others out there like you, and if you wanna meet them, you can.
  • Go to school or work or whatever you want wearing a skirt or dress. I do this now, and when people ask, I either give a reason that's not an excuse, like, "because it's a nice day out," and not "because I was held at gunpoint and forced to do it" or I tell them that I believe people should be able to wear whatever clothes they want. Obviously, think first about the consequences of doing this...Know that some people who've done this have been victims of violence, have been fired, or expelled from school.
  • Try to pass as a woman. It's every crossdresser's dream to be pretty enough to be mistaken for a woman. This will probably involve breast forms, wigs, makeovers, the whole shebang. And, of course, you'll have to test out your new looks in public someplace!
Start 'dressing all the time. Like all of us, you want to be able to express yourself by wearing whatever you want, whenever you want. Unfortunately, doing this can have severe consequences, like getting expelled from school, fired from work, mocked by peers, and dumped by loved ones. I'm afraid not everyone understands. *sigh*.

                                                   <3~~Hailey Anne~~<3

Accepting YOU!!

Hi!!:) Hailey here!! What I'm going to talk to you about is accepting yourself! You are YOU!! There is nothing wrong with what you like! You are just as human as everyone else in the world. You just like different things! WE ALL DO!! Like with us, you may like long skirts and I like short skirts! It's all the SAME!! They like this cloth on their body and you like another cloth. It's not wrong! It's not weird! It's GOOD!! Did you know that it is actually HEALTHY!?!?! Crossdressing is actually good for the brain!! AWESOME RIGHT?!? So SEE!! Being what you are is a GOOD THING!! So keep doing it:) No matter what you like, or what you WEAR, You're normal.
                                           <3~~Hailey Anne~~<3


Hello Everyone!!:) My name is Hailey! I am a teenage crossdresser and am 14!! I would like to post information that is helpful to all you Crossdressing/Trans Teens out there!! I will try to post regularly for you guys:)

                                                    <3~~Hailey Anne~~<3